It’s What’s For Dinner

We’d like to introduce our newest addition to the Farm – “Socks” the cow:

Socks, the cow

He is about a year old, and he’ll be with us on the Farm for about another 6 months or so.  Make sure you stop and say hello when you are visiting the fruit stand over the summer.

Socks was delivered on Saturday by Cheryl Lange, who runs a livestock operation in De Luz.  We’ve known Cheryl for years, and used to get all of our pigs from her operation years ago.  Our last cow was also from Cheryl.  Socks is a Hereford/Mini-Hereford cross.

Here’s our first introduction with Socks – as he was coming out of the trailer:

Hi Socks!

After he was released into his cow pen, he was understandably unsettled. However, within a few minutes, he settled into the nice shady spot of the pen and sat down and looked very relaxed.  He even discovered the sycamore tree, a favorite of many of our previous cows, in the middle of his pen and ate a few leaves.

Enjoying the sycamore tree

We’ve enjoyed raising our own beef over the years, and look forward to having Socks on the farm through the end of this year.

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