Early November Farm Update

Carrots planted now will be ready in June '12

Greetings from Farmer Dave!

The weather may be more mild, and even giving us rain here and there, but that doesn’t mean that your garden has to be dormant.  Here’s a little update on the garden here at the Farm:

We are excited to see our first strawberries already formed – the plants so healthy this year, loving the rain and mild temps this fall.

The winter garden is pretty much planted – some items for the winter such as lettuce, broccoli, spinach, and peas.

Also, we’ve been busy planting crops now that will be harvested next June such as onions, garlic, carrots, and celery. Even during Fall, there are always things to plant and plan for.

We cannot forget the yams we just harvested – we got about 90 pounds of yams from just 6 yams planted in April. Incredible!

And lastly, the cool wet days get us excited for some of the winter “chores” to come soon- pruning and planting new fruit trees.  The fun never stops at the Farm! 🙂

As always, happy gardening!

A young strawberry plant

When Do I Start Planting For Upcoming Seasons?

This morning, we had a wonderful surprise customer.  Our Farm Stand is about closed now, but people will still occasionally drive up to the front porch to see if anything is available.  One of our long-standing Stand customers, Anna, arrived this morning with her children in tow.  She talked with us about a wonderfully helpful “garden chart” from Digitalseed.com that helps gardeners plan when to start planting seeds for next season.  Anna, we loved chatting Farm stuff with you this morning, please feel free to contact Farmer Dave at david[at]promacksfarm.com, he’d like to stay in touch and continue to talk Farm.

For those interested in the garden chart, here is that chart: